SEO hint: Are web directories important?

Keywords for web directories and SEO What it is needed in order to achie a perfekt search engine optimization? There are several strategies but they all converge to two Fields in which you really need to pay attention: On-Page and Off-Page. While the first one it’s content and its structure, the second one is related mostly to backlinks. Those can be created using web directories. However webdesign specialists have very different opinios on this subject. Earlier when search engines were not yet important websites like Yahoo Directory played a major role in the Internet. But the situation has changed. Nowadays these directories are used mainly for improving the SEO.

How much costs a web directoryentry?

When it comes to a free offer, there is no financial risk and therefore no reason to hesitate. A backlink is normally helpful for SEO. But the case is different when you have to pay an amount from 100.00 to 300.00 € per year. In this case, one should be cautious. The question you should ask yourself is: how much can the company earn from it every year? Although easy to ask, the answer is difficult to be found. This means that you can at maximum achieve a good estimate, which often depends on many unknown information.

SEO costs for small, medium and large companies

For very small or very large companies, it is not so complicated. It isn’t worth the risk for small companies, and the large ones can try for a year to check whether the cost-benefit relationship is good enough. The biggest problem remains for medium-sized companies. They should measure very carefully whether such investments are profitable. The easy solution is simply not to use this option. It is often better to create an Internet ad for such companies. Allthought sometimes it’s possible to find good and new customers using regional or specialized web directories.

How to create efficient entries in web directories?

Even though it is important for SEO to create backlinks, you should put always at first place the focus on the user. On one hand the search engines are always more „clever“ than before, and in the other hand the „human“ visitors will not be satisfied with tricks (unwanted entries, cryptic abbreviations, etc.) and therefore will just avoid such things. Title, description, and other specific fields should not look like a keyword list, but rather be transparent, concise and clear.